I can’t feel my legs

The accident victim said “I can’t feel my legs.” The emergency medical technician said “I can feel them so it is going to be okay.”
I wrote that.

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Joke Break

They all knew my name, but for the first two months at my new job, everybody called me “Shut Up.”
I wrote that

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Brainwashed for sure

I believe that Herman Cain is right. Over the last several decades, a large number of black Americans have been “brainwashed,” or seduced, by liberal Democrats in government and by people like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. Historically, Democrats have opposed civil rights laws while Republicans have supported them. President Lincoln, who commanded the war that ended slavery, was a Republican.

Currently, millions of willing victims have been convinced that they cannot provide or think for themselves and they must pledge their hearts and souls to the Democrats and liberalism in order to survive. It is very sad but I believe it is true. How else can you explain why ninety-plus percent of black Americans consistently support liberal politicians? And, why do so many liberal pundits become angry and juvenile when a black conservative speaks his mind?

There are only a few nationally known black conservatives in America. They are personally attacked daily by the main stream media and liberals of all races. They are called stupid or Uncle Toms or sell-outs to their race. It is good to see another black man who is smart enough to see through the fraud and brave enough to talk about it.

Herman Cain is the most fiscally and socially conservative of all the current Republican candidates. I hope Mr. Cain wins the Republican nomination and becomes the first black President of the United States. President Obama is only half-black. I will vote for Herman Cain on every ballot where I see his name.

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Occupied NYC

President Obama, the Democrats and the liberal media have endorsed and encouraged the “Occupy (fill in the blank”) protesters currently polluting New York City and elsewhere. They are trying to compare the dirty mobs protesting Wall Street, and whatever else, to the TEA party rallies which are civil and leave their venues all cleaned up.

(Since I originally posted this piece, the American Nazi Party and the Communist Party of America have endorsed the protesters.)

The minority leader of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat from California, is proud of the rent-a-mobs, the dirty masses of hippies and union thugs trashing the streets as they broadcast their hatred of capitalism and America. They could be called the BEA party as in “Bathed Enough Already.”

(Ann Coulter labeled them the “flea” party. I think my BEA party is more clever but I will defer to Miss Coulter because she is brilliant.)

Several hundred protesters have been arrested for committing crimes while raging in New York City. Most of the protesters I’ve seen interviewed on television have given no coherent answer when asked what specifically they are protesting for or against, but they are mad as hell about something.

(There is a picture of one of the protesters actually taking a dump on the side of a NYC police car.)

The TEA party is the “Taxed Enough Already” party. No TEA party rally has resulted in the arrest of any attendee. Unlike the angry liberal (or worse) mobs, they respect the law and the land. The TEA party is a grass-roots movement of mostly conservative people who believe in cutting back our federal government, reducing government spending and lowering taxes. Their strategy is to convince people to vote for fiscally responsible politicians only. It just turns out that there are no fiscally responsible Democrats in our federal government.

The left’s endorsement of the lawless protesting is an attempt to get President Obama and Democrats reelected by blaming George W. Bush and Republicans for all the economic destruction forced upon us by President Obama and the Democrats.
What will the Democrats say when their soul mates start flipping police cars and setting them on fire?

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Liberism Is Failure

Liberalism has always been guaranteed failure. Large scale liberalism (socialism) is catastrophic. Some people say that President Obama is a brilliant man. I question the intelligence of the people who say that. What he wants to do to our country has always failed and “smarter” people in charge will not produce a different outcome.

Socialist policies are causing riots in many European countries right now. More advanced results of socialist policies are being played out right now in Greece.

Historically, socialism does not end well. As freedoms are slowly taken away, socialist societies are ripened, or prepared, for totalitarian takeovers by their leaders who become dictators. The end result of totalitarianism is mass murder of its citizens by the government. There are many examples in history. The most current are Libya and Syria.

Liberals and socialists demand that the government provide for all people’s needs. When those demands become law, those at the top of the government’s preferred party get richer and more powerful. Below, every self-sustaining economic class is required to give more of their earned income to the government to enrich those who support the party in charge. It drains the nation of wealth and freedom. Those in the deepest poverty are buried deeper. Opposition voices are imprisoned or killed.

Any government on the brink of economic downfall, no matter its ideology, may declare a “state of emergency,” or “martial law,” which almost always leads to a military-controlled state. This could happen to America if President Obama and his party get their way. They must be exposed, rebuked and voted out before they can declare a national emergency.

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Economic Destruction

When Obama was elected in 2008 and the congress was controlled by Democrats, they saw the opportunity to severely stick it to the country. They outspent President Bush almost immediately while blaming him for their intentional destruction of our economy. Two and one-half years later, the Democrats still blame Bush while insisting on borrowing more money from China to continue the destruction.

Conservatives want liberals to stop lying to the public. Liberals want conservatives to stop telling the truth. Hatred is almost exclusively a liberal trait. Liberals wish death to their opponents. Conservatives want their opponents voted out of office.

Obama and the Democrats are insatiable in their hunger for higher taxes. They don’t use income taxes to pay for government, they use it to punish those they don’t like. They want to punish millionaires and billionaires for being productive but ‘millionaires’ to a liberal includes small business owners who have never seen a million dollars. The people who liberals want to punish are the job creators. Unemployment grows when businesses are afraid to hire because the government cannot be trusted. Our current president and his minions do not want businesses to succeed. They want businesses to fail so they can be taken over by the government.

Raising taxes is poison for our economy. Raising the debt ceiling will make it worse. It encourages the spending addiction of the left.

In order to save our nation from the destructive policies of the left, we must drastically cut government spending. If we don’t, America’s economy is doomed.

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Anthony Weiner

The face of the Democrat party is now Anthony Weiner. He represents New York’s ninth congressional district. His lewd behavior and nude photo tweets define the family values championed by liberal Democrats.

Married less than a year to his now pregnant wife, the forty-six year old congressman exchanged sexual messages with at least six women he has never met and intended to send nude photos of himself to at least one. His mistake was to post the images for public view on his Twitter webpage. When it was discovered, he immediately removed the pictures and claimed that his twitter account had been hacked. After ten days of repeating the lie, he was forced to tell the truth, and one of the females he had been communicating with was a seventeen-year-old high-school student in Delaware.

I expect he will resign soon if he hasn’t already, but that doesn’t matter. It is a good thing that a hate-filled liberal attack dog loses its teeth. During his time in Washington, he has been one of the most arrogant and hateful public speakers, and he was planning to run for mayor of New York City. Had he not been exposed, he might have become mayor.

It is sickening that immoral behavior is a badge of honor for a Democrat politician. Bill Clinton is the prime example. It is unbelievable how so many liberal women (and men) will defend a scumbag as long as he fights for socialism, higher taxes and more abortions. Weiner added to his resume by screaming his hatred for conservatives at the top of his lungs.

I have read that Weiner cannot afford to lose his job. He isn’t qualified for anything but ‘online predator’ or ‘serial liar.’ There is not much of a market for those particular avocations. Maybe his wife will support him. Only an equally corrupt mainstream media company would ever hire him, CNN, MSNBC or the New York Times maybe.

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Osama has assumed sea temperature

How long will it take for the liberals in the media and around the country to condemn America for killing the world famous religious leader and honorable man, Osama Bin Laden? They may be silent for a day or two but soon, they will praise the evil man as misunderstood or justified in his terrorist actions.

For a short time after September 11th, 2001, the liberal media embraced patriotism. It didn’t last long. A few days later, the left wanted to conduct sweet-talk with the terrorists. They were adamantly against any type of military action against the enemy. They were calling conservatives war mongers for wanting to eliminate a legitimate threat to American security and Americans all over the world.

They said that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. Some denied that Bin Laden was responsible and some said that it was an inside job plotted and carried out by Dick Cheney. It is America’s fault for being so hated in the world and American needs to change, not the terrorists. They said that Bin Laden was a good man who built schools for the children and provided necessities for his people. He was only striking out at America because America is the cause of all that is wrong with the world.

I do not believe that our president wanted this but is happy to take credit for it. His heart is more in line with Islamic fundamentalism than with American exceptionalism. Although for different reasons, he is, as they are, trying to destroy the U.S. economy. The terrorists want to destroy America and kill all Americans. Obama wants to bring the country to its knees so he can remold it into a socialist (or worse) state. He doesn’t want to kill his fellow Americans; he wants to seize all businesses and tax the middle class into poverty.

I am proud of President Bush for starting this pursuit. I thank and praise President Obama for allowing our military to hunt down and kill Osama Bin Laden. But we must not stop now. This is not a ‘Mission Accomplished’ moment. We must continue to find and kill all of those who are dedicated to taking innocent American lives.

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Wisconsin Union Protests

What are the protesters at the Wisconsin state legislature going to do now? Do they intend to violently overthrow the state government?
They are boiling over with rage as if screaming and shouting will change the outcome of an election. If their demands are not met, what will be their next step — guns? Will they overturn and burn police cars in the streets?
Democrats lost significantly last November but some are drowning in denial. They believe that they are divinely entitled to be in charge.  In Wisconsin, all of the senate Democrats fled to Illinois and refused to do what they were elected to do. They are shameless cowards.
Those senators may have been under orders from the union bosses not to return. Democrats certainly respect, or fear, union bosses more than they respect the voters. The union leaders claim they are fighting for the children, but they are not. If this fight was intended to benefit the children, poorly performing teachers could be fired, but union contracts will not allow that.
These protests are in support of the union bosses and teacher tenure. It is to continue to allow the union bosses to extort dues from their members and spend that money to support liberal politicians. The members have no say in how the money is spent. The liberal politicians take the money and pass laws that give higher pay and more benefits to the unions. It is a wickedly incestuous circle. It is two-way, legalized bribery using taxpayer money.
Also at the Wisconsin state capital building, it looks like a mob of angry hippies at a Vietnam War protest in the late 1960s. They are having temper tantrums like undisciplined 2-year-olds. They are screaming, banging on drums and breaking windows.
After several days, the trash began to pile up and the building needed to be cleaned, but some of those nuts refused to leave. They had to be physically carried out by the police. This is raw liberalism on display. I’ll call it “brain pollution.”
Why can’t liberals accept reality when they lose elections and work toward winning future elections? Why do they demand and expect to get their way even when they lose? Could it be pollution?
You cannot change the minds of responsible people by calling them names, screaming in their faces and/or banging on drums. Honest and civil debate of the issues might change people’s minds.

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Attorney General is a Despicable Racist

Who are the racists in Washington? Could they be the U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, his boss, and his closest staff at the U.S. Department of Justice?

In Philadelphia, on Election Day in November of 2008, members of the New Black Panthers organization stood at the door of a polling station. They were dressed in military-style uniforms and one man was brandishing a law-enforcement style nightstick. They were attempting to intimidate white voters into not voting. A video was recorded of the encounter verifying the crime.

The men were charged and one was found guilty of voter intimidation, a felony. The U.S. DOJ then ordered the judgment overturned and the charges dropped. One DOJ lawyer resigned in June because he could not support the decision.

J. Christian Adams resigned his long-time position in the DOJ so he could expose the corruption and report the truth. Mr. Adams said the official policy of Eric Holder’s DOJ is to ignore voter intimidation charges when the perpetrator is black and the victim is white. He also said there are several employees still in the DOJ who can verify these charges but they cannot speak under orders from Holder.

Is this the way of President Obama? It is certainly the way of Black Liberation Theology taught to him by his pastor and mentor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The president and his attorney general do not like Caucasian people. This incident and the Cambridge Police Department / Harvard Professor case clearly prove it. Obama and Holder are dangerous people who will use the power of the federal government to protect the guilty and punish the innocent.

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