Democrats In Love With Saddam

He really loves us and he promises that he will act better this time.

France, Germany and most American Democrats are acting like battered wives not willing to press charges against their lying, cheating and violent husbands.

Saddam Hussein has become their husband and he will cut them off if they don’t toe the line, so they will always defend him and love him. That is the closest analogy I can think of to explain what is happening. France, Germany and the Democrats are married to Hussein.

They love him and will defend him through thick and thin, no matter how evil he is. They disregard the evidence against him and believe that down deep he is a sweetheart.

And since he promises to be good from now on, he should not be held responsible for the crimes against humanity that he has already committed. Could any nation or political party be more stupid? I don’t think so.

About Al Teal

I am a retired electrical engineer, an instrument rated single engine airplane pilot. Search 'N387SP' to see my airplane. I am a juggler, an electronics maven and a political junkie. I am a constitutional conservative and share my views here and in newspapers around the nation (via letters to editors.) My personal website is
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