Democrats Deserve To Be Permanent Minority Party

President Bush has been overwhelmingly voted into his second term, but his opponents still believe they lost because they didn’t present their positions on the issues effectively.
They also believe and declare from the mountaintop that the majority of American voters are just plain stupid for re-electing our president. For the foreseeable future, that belief will not change. So, to the incredibly intelligent sore losers, what follows will be as if it were written in a foreign language that can’t be understood.
I know what values are. I know that innocent life is sacred. I know that ending the life of a baby during its birth is not a value. I know that there are evil people in this world who should be removed from society forever for the heinous crimes they commit.
I know that defending and celebrating evil people (Yasser Arafat and Saddam Hussein, for recent examples) are not values. I know that people are more valuable than trees and rodents and stinkbugs. I know that people are more valuable than PETA.
Liberalism only supports policies that target people’s emotions while defying simple logic. Liberalism encourages the foreign and domestic hatred of America, supports freedom and freedom of speech only for itself, never takes responsibility for its actions and considers all Christians evil.
Hate deserves liberalism. Hate and liberalism are brothers indeed and in deeds. Conservatism supports choices that involve intelligence and critical thought. Liberalism is in one’s mind. Conservatism is in one’s brain.
Liberalism is an utter lack of values. It is a dark religion that is destructive to all of society. Liberalism is equal to socialism and both are gateway drugs to communism. Communism is liberalism’s logical progression and the ultimate goal of those in power who espouse today’s liberalism.
Hatred, condescension and arrogance will not win in an informed society with a majority of intelligent and good people. I hope the opposition party continues to spew its hatred of me, most Americans and all things of value. It will get what it deserves and, hopefully, what it has already achieved: permanent minority status.

About Al Teal

I am a retired electrical engineer, an instrument rated single engine airplane pilot. Search 'N387SP' to see my airplane. I am a juggler, an electronics maven and a political junkie. I am a constitutional conservative and share my views here and in newspapers around the nation (via letters to editors.) My personal website is
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