Voter ID Law Is To Fight Voter Fraud

The crying by the liberals about the Georgia Voter ID law proves that they hold sacred their ability to cheat in elections. Every legitimate voter has access to a valid and accepted ID card. The right to vote is sacred only when legal. There is no right to commit fraud. Few liberals can win in Georgia at this time, so they will cheat in any way they can. I believe that they regularly recruit people to commit voter fraud in their favor.
Election cheating has been a staple of the Democrat party for decades. They count on their goons around the country to do everything possible to destroy, ignore, disregard and pronounce invalid all votes for conservative candidates immediately after each election. Their unsubstantiated accusations have grown more hostile every election since November of 2000 and, I believe, they will become more hostile as they lose more elections. And, more Democrat losses appear inevitable since it will be more difficult for them to cheat.
The state of Georgia must do everything possible to identify and eliminate voter fraud. Those who are caught trying to cheat the voters of Georgia should be prosecuted. And, the actions of those who are against the voter ID law should be watched very carefully by the state department and all law abiding citizens.

About Al Teal

I am a retired electrical engineer, an instrument rated single engine airplane pilot. Search 'N387SP' to see my airplane. I am a juggler, an electronics maven and a political junkie. I am a constitutional conservative and share my views here and in newspapers around the nation (via letters to editors.) My personal website is
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