New Orleans, Quagmire?

I am very saddened by what happened in New Orleans and along the Gulf coast. I have made a donation and hope everyone reading this has or will.
I see the liberals are blaming President Bush for this devastating act of nature as if anything could have been done to stop it. No agreement by any human beings (Kyoto Treaty) can affect any significant act of nature much less prevent a hurricane.
If they are consistent, any day now, the liberals will demand that we get out of New Orleans; that we are an occupying force and we are not wanted there. It has become a quagmire. Those trapped in New Orleans have lived under that threat for decades and they want to be left alone. Some really bad people (conservatives) thought that our rescue workers would be welcomed with open arms, but now New Orleans’ freedom-fighters (gang members and common criminals) are shooting people and setting fires. It isn’t worth the life of one national guardsman or one police officer. We should just get out of New Orleans and let them work it out for themselves. Isn’t that the mindset of today’s liberal? Wouldn’t that be the same thing as leaving Iraq in the condition it is currently in?
Let’s stick it out in New Orleans and help our fellow Americans rebuild their homes and their lives. Let’s do the same for our fellow human beings in Iraq.    

About Al Teal

I am a retired electrical engineer, an instrument rated single engine airplane pilot. Search 'N387SP' to see my airplane. I am a juggler, an electronics maven and a political junkie. I am a constitutional conservative and share my views here and in newspapers around the nation (via letters to editors.) My personal website is
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