Osama has assumed sea temperature

How long will it take for the liberals in the media and around the country to condemn America for killing the world famous religious leader and honorable man, Osama Bin Laden? They may be silent for a day or two but soon, they will praise the evil man as misunderstood or justified in his terrorist actions.

For a short time after September 11th, 2001, the liberal media embraced patriotism. It didn’t last long. A few days later, the left wanted to conduct sweet-talk with the terrorists. They were adamantly against any type of military action against the enemy. They were calling conservatives war mongers for wanting to eliminate a legitimate threat to American security and Americans all over the world.

They said that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. Some denied that Bin Laden was responsible and some said that it was an inside job plotted and carried out by Dick Cheney. It is America’s fault for being so hated in the world and American needs to change, not the terrorists. They said that Bin Laden was a good man who built schools for the children and provided necessities for his people. He was only striking out at America because America is the cause of all that is wrong with the world.

I do not believe that our president wanted this but is happy to take credit for it. His heart is more in line with Islamic fundamentalism than with American exceptionalism. Although for different reasons, he is, as they are, trying to destroy the U.S. economy. The terrorists want to destroy America and kill all Americans. Obama wants to bring the country to its knees so he can remold it into a socialist (or worse) state. He doesn’t want to kill his fellow Americans; he wants to seize all businesses and tax the middle class into poverty.

I am proud of President Bush for starting this pursuit. I thank and praise President Obama for allowing our military to hunt down and kill Osama Bin Laden. But we must not stop now. This is not a ‘Mission Accomplished’ moment. We must continue to find and kill all of those who are dedicated to taking innocent American lives.

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Wisconsin Union Protests

What are the protesters at the Wisconsin state legislature going to do now? Do they intend to violently overthrow the state government?
They are boiling over with rage as if screaming and shouting will change the outcome of an election. If their demands are not met, what will be their next step — guns? Will they overturn and burn police cars in the streets?
Democrats lost significantly last November but some are drowning in denial. They believe that they are divinely entitled to be in charge.  In Wisconsin, all of the senate Democrats fled to Illinois and refused to do what they were elected to do. They are shameless cowards.
Those senators may have been under orders from the union bosses not to return. Democrats certainly respect, or fear, union bosses more than they respect the voters. The union leaders claim they are fighting for the children, but they are not. If this fight was intended to benefit the children, poorly performing teachers could be fired, but union contracts will not allow that.
These protests are in support of the union bosses and teacher tenure. It is to continue to allow the union bosses to extort dues from their members and spend that money to support liberal politicians. The members have no say in how the money is spent. The liberal politicians take the money and pass laws that give higher pay and more benefits to the unions. It is a wickedly incestuous circle. It is two-way, legalized bribery using taxpayer money.
Also at the Wisconsin state capital building, it looks like a mob of angry hippies at a Vietnam War protest in the late 1960s. They are having temper tantrums like undisciplined 2-year-olds. They are screaming, banging on drums and breaking windows.
After several days, the trash began to pile up and the building needed to be cleaned, but some of those nuts refused to leave. They had to be physically carried out by the police. This is raw liberalism on display. I’ll call it “brain pollution.”
Why can’t liberals accept reality when they lose elections and work toward winning future elections? Why do they demand and expect to get their way even when they lose? Could it be pollution?
You cannot change the minds of responsible people by calling them names, screaming in their faces and/or banging on drums. Honest and civil debate of the issues might change people’s minds.

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Attorney General is a Despicable Racist

Who are the racists in Washington? Could they be the U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, his boss, and his closest staff at the U.S. Department of Justice?

In Philadelphia, on Election Day in November of 2008, members of the New Black Panthers organization stood at the door of a polling station. They were dressed in military-style uniforms and one man was brandishing a law-enforcement style nightstick. They were attempting to intimidate white voters into not voting. A video was recorded of the encounter verifying the crime.

The men were charged and one was found guilty of voter intimidation, a felony. The U.S. DOJ then ordered the judgment overturned and the charges dropped. One DOJ lawyer resigned in June because he could not support the decision.

J. Christian Adams resigned his long-time position in the DOJ so he could expose the corruption and report the truth. Mr. Adams said the official policy of Eric Holder’s DOJ is to ignore voter intimidation charges when the perpetrator is black and the victim is white. He also said there are several employees still in the DOJ who can verify these charges but they cannot speak under orders from Holder.

Is this the way of President Obama? It is certainly the way of Black Liberation Theology taught to him by his pastor and mentor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The president and his attorney general do not like Caucasian people. This incident and the Cambridge Police Department / Harvard Professor case clearly prove it. Obama and Holder are dangerous people who will use the power of the federal government to protect the guilty and punish the innocent.

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Honesty Is No Factor

The liberally biased main-stream-media have no use for truthful reporting.

When the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth came forward and voiced what they remember from Sen. John Kerry’s actions in Vietnam in 1969, it differed from what the senator had remembered and he had a cow. Liberals all over America, especially in the mainstream media, had heifers that day.

More than 250 Vietnam veterans who served at the same time in the same war zone with Sen. Kerry claim he has lied about his service in Vietnam. He campaigns with a dozen or so vets who stand by his story, but that story has changed since the Swift Boat ad came out.

The 250 haven’t changed their story, but Sen. Kerry had to change his because it wasn’t true. Subsequently, though, one more vet who served with him has come out supporting some of his story. He is William Rood, an editor at the Chicago Tribune.

The No. 1 job of the mainstream press in 2004 is apparent to me: Help Sen. John Kerry’s presidential campaign at all costs. It repeats and produces lies that help him and hurt President Bush. It censors facts that hurt the senator and prove Mr. Bush to be truthful.

The news as reported seldom violates the help Sen. Kerry/hurt President Bush rule. The only time truthful news that hurts the senator or helps the president is reported is when the truth has been reported by uncensored news outlets and the nation demands the truth.

Liberal newspapers are eager to help the Democrats. For the liberal media, lying by and for a liberal politician is admirable if it can help remove a conservative from office.

Journalists used to curb their political activism in their reporting, but that is no longer true. The mainstream media are all willing and eager liars for the Democrat Party. It is an up front and corrupt loyalty. News outlets shouldn’t report lies as truth when they know them to be lies.

Sen. Kerry could prove or disprove what he claims by requesting that his military records be released. He has yet to do that and I doubt he will. So, I have to believe 250 Swift Boat veterans over a dozen or so who support Sen. Kerry.

Liberals don’t want honesty to have any effect on this election. They want Sen. Kerry to win.

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Hating the Military

The far-left liberals in America hate the military and do not care about US troops at all unless they have a loved-one serving. They don’t care when our troops are killed. They do care when we kill our enemies. To the left, our soldiers and marines are all criminals. To the left, our enemies are all innocent civilians or freedom-fighters. The anti-war left refuses to believe that anyone would attack our troops or our twin towers without just cause.

I am convinced that if all American troops in Iraq suddenly dropped dead, the American anti-war left would celebrate and declare victory for their side, which includes Iran, Syria, Al-Queda and everyone else who hates America. They would pretend to be sad for a few days then would not be able to contain their joy.

There is too much hate in the hearts of the leftmost liberals. They openly voice their hatred for our president and vice-president. They hated John Ashcroft, Donald Rumsfeld, Karl Rove and Alberto Gonzales, so all four had to go. They hate the conservative US Supreme Court Justices. They despise Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and all conservative radio talk show hosts.

I am a conservative and I have never hated any liberal for being a liberal. I’ve had animated discussions with liberal friends but we are still friends and I wish them all well. I wish no ill to anyone for their political views, but many liberals do.

There was a movie released in 2006 in which President Bush was assassinated. It was called “Death of a President,” and movie special-effects editors put President Bush’s head on the character being killed in the movie.
There is a website whose title contains “who-else-hopes-the-dick-cheney-dies”
Julianne Malveaux, a liberal columnist, publicly wished that Virginia Thomas would poison her husband, US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.
Jessica Bryan, an English professor at North Idaho College, tells her students that all Republicans and everyone who voted for a Republican should be killed.

MoveOn.org and dailykos.com are probably the most hateful groups of people in America today and every one of the Democrats running for their party’s presidential nomination are closely allied with both groups. They are all anti-Americans. To the Democrats, national security is not important. They will decimate the military as did Bill Clinton. People who hate our military should not be the commander-in-chief of our military. If Hillary is elected and she gets her way, she will give illegal aliens amnesty and citizenship so as to buy their votes. And with her health care plan, she will deny home-grown citizens a job if they cannot provide proof of health insurance.

Please, help America stay strong. Vote against liberalism and socialism. It is more than a year away but I hope that most of us will vote for America’s national security and against the Democrats in 2008.

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Amnesty Bill

I am very disappointed in President Bush for more than one reason, but the one that bothers me the most is what to do about illegal immigration. On that issue, he might as well be Ted Kennedy. You know what happens when a Republican gets into the political bed with Ted Kennedy. He gets it in the ‘you know what,’ just like the ‘no child left behind’ bill. That was a massive spending program turned poop-bomb that has exploded in the president’s face. Kennedy’s name is no longer linked with ‘no child left behind’ even though the senator is equally responsible.

I wrote and sent the following message to both of Georgia’s U.S. Senators, Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson via their websites:

Dear Senator:
I live in Georgia and voted for you but what you do on the illegal alien bill will determine if I vote for you again.
If you vote yes on this z-visa (amnesty) bill, I will not vote for you again. I won’t vote for a liberal but if you have a non-liberal opponent, I will vote for the opponent.
Do not pull another 1986 amnesty disaster and expect the support of this conservative Georgian.
Sincerely, Al Teal

If you care about national security and don’t want blanket amnesty to many millions of illegal aliens, I encourage you to write to Senators Chambliss and Isakson and tell them to vote no on the amnesty bill or expect to lose their senatorial seats.

I encourage all people who are here illegally to go home and apply to come here legally and follow the rules.

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Saddam meets Satan

Saddam is dead. Early this morning at daybreak in Iraq, he was put to death by the people he brutalized for thirty years. He was convicted of crimes against humanity and sentenced to death by hanging. An appeals court upheld the conviction and sentence.

God bless America and her armed forces and God bless those who choose liberty in Iraq.    

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